Australian visa granted after 9 years of detention!

The asylum seekers in Australia have to face a tough time when they are detained. There are many of them who have been waiting to be released for years together. One such case is that of a woman who has spent over nine years in detention. She has been now been released by granting her an Australian visa.

The woman is of Chinese origin has been kept anonymous. She was released when Chris Evans, the former Immigration Minister for Australia used his powers pertaining to public interest to get the woman a permanent visa to Australia. She was released in September.

The above came about after a ruling in 2009 which was brought about by the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC). As per this ruling, the extended detention of this woman is a breach of civil rights. The ruling also stated a warning that Australia might violate the international obligations incase the woman is deported back to China with her safety in jeopardy.

According to Chris Bowen, the present Minister for Immigration in Australia, the government is catering to all the transitional support to aid this woman so that she can live lawfully in the local community.

Most of these people come through the sea route and cross the borders illegally. The current of asylum seekers in the nation is constantly increasing which has been pressurizing on the limited resources that the government of the nation is catering to.

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