Chinese National and Malaysian National Arrested on Human Smuggling Charges!

A Chinese national was being frisked out of Singapore by a driver who has been caught while they tried to ferry. The Chinese woman was hiding in the trunk of his Sedan. The driver was 23 years of age and was a Malaysian. He was arrested by the officers from the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority (ICA) at the Woodlands Checkpoint.

They were able to escape through the first clearance departure very easily. After crossing the departure clearance, they were told to go for the routine checks for which they had to drive towards the secondary area. The officials from the ICA found the man to be very nervous and uncomfortable.

This behavior led to suspicion for the officers which led them to check the car. They found the driver hiding a passenger in the car boot. According to the investigators, the woman is a citizen of China and the driver had picked her up at the Marsiling MRT station.

The driver was promised to be paid a sum of RM500 (S$208) if he is successful in ferrying the woman of the country illegally. It is being suspected that the woman has overstayed her visa. So, she had contacted an agent for prepare for her illegal departure. She had agreed to pay a fee of $3000. Both the people are being investigated.

Those who have either overstayed their visa or have entered the nation illegally, the penalties include prison imprisonment for a period of 6 months along with three strokes of cane for a start. This is as per the Immigration Act. However, when it comes to illegal departures, the penalty fine can be as high as $2000 or 6 months of imprisonment or both in some cases.

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