White Britons to be a Minority in Future, says Population Expert!

According to a population expert in Britain, the white British people would be a minority group in their own country by 2066. This would become a reality if the current levels of immigration continue. This has also been supported by Professor David Coleman from the Oxford University. As per the professor, the group would cater to less than 50 percent of the total population in a little over the next 50 years. This reduction in the numbers of people is mainly due to the constant rise in the level of immigration along with the thousands of British citizens migrating overseas in the next few decades.

These comments was made by Professor Coleman at a time when the Migration Advisory Board is about to bring out its recommendations on the proposed immigration cap by the government on the immigrant workers coming from the non-EU nations.

Mr. Coleman in his article for the Prospect magazine wrote that the constant influx of migrants over the last decade has been on the rise than ever before. This has led to a rise in the population catering to amends in the composition. These have led to concerns regarding economic opportunities, national identity, housing as well as the local character. At the same time, if the current rate of inflow continues, the demography of the nation would be transformed.

Projections made by the Office of National Statistics cater to increasing number of migrants. This is further combined by the fertility and survival trends. Combining these, the population of Britain is expected to rise to 77 million by 2051. As per the demographic analyst, this would lead to a further rise to 85 million by 2083.

The population expert also said that there is no specific significance to demography when it comes to the 50 percent benchmark for the white British people. However, it would sure have an impact both psychologically as well as politically. This transition would further bring about a major change in the national identity especially with reference to culture, economy, and religion and so on.

On the other hand, with the current opposition to immigration, it might take a while before the above change could be witnessed. At the same time, with the current cap on immigration being set in, it is yet to be seen the after-effects of such a policy.

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