Canada Immigration Update, Incredible FSW 2013 for Skilled Workers

Canada FSW 2013 has turned out to be a true ground breaking skills migration scheme, ever planned by authorities of Maple country.  This program since its announcement has attracted numerous suitors, and the way this scheme is progressing, it seems that annual numbers cap of 5000 places will attained pretty soon.

The largely revised edition of older Canadian federal skills migration program i.e. FSWP, incorporates several new changes. The most prominent of these including establishing an additional step in the pre application stage, where the immigration enthusiasts aspiring to place their requests under Canada Immigration FSW 2013 must obtain a positive evaluation advice on their academic accomplishments. This advice is granted by one of the 4 designated Canadian evaluation agencies. This step has been instituted by the authorities to address the long standing demand of several stake holder sectors. The stake holders of Canadian economy wanted the government to ensure entry of migrants into the country deemed suitable for local conditions (on basis of the academic accomplishments).

The new incorporation has although, elongated the request placement process, but it has also come in quite handy for the qualified Canada Immigration enthusiasts. Now, you are not required to lodge your request in the queue, but instead land straight in the priority class, because the dead wood is weeded out at the entry level. The initial profile analysis has also been modified largely, and numerous strict parameters have been attached to the assessment criteria.

As per the recent Canada Immigration FSW 2013 Updates, 7 of the 24 classes of professions codes have achieved their respective numbers sealing for the current edition of the scheme. These include 0211 – Engineering managers, 1112 – Financial and investment analysts, 2131-Civil engineers, 2132 – Mechanical engineers, 2147 – Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers), 2174 – Computer programmers and interactive media developers, and 3142 – Physiotherapists.

Certain other codes are also progressing at a healthy speed and these are also expected to attain annual numbers caps for current year program of Canada Immigration FSW 2013. These include, 3211- Medical laboratory technologists (almost 83% of slots used up), 2134 – Chemical engineers (52% slots occupied), and 2263 – Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety (69% of placed booked).

All the other categories of occupational codes have started to pick. Till the arrival of latest inputs 3250 requests have registered under the Canada Immigration FSW 2013 scheme.

If you are intending to shift to Maple country, we would suggest that you gear up and start preparing for Canadian Visa request placement. As per Canada Immigration Update, Incredible FSW 2013 For Skilled Workers is bound to run out of places soon. You can approach us for expert assistance and support on Canadian skills migration policy.

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