Planning For Canada? Avoid Fake Job Offers & Choose Safer Immigration

No wonder, Canada is gaining reputation among the migration aspirants and desperation seems to be getting deeper among the Canadian visa seekers, but this desperation is also giving rise to a very negative trend, as eager people have started finding alternative ways of gaining entry into the land of milk and honey. The anxious crowd of entry seekers is increasingly being duped by unscrupulous people, who catch innocent and ignorant visa seekers. These self styled migration experts promise skies to migration enthusiasts, and simply vanish away with the hard earned money of their victims.

Currently, several parallel job scams and scandals are operating in various parts of the globe. This evil is being propagated with help of emails and SMS. One fine morning you find a strange email in your inbox, which promises a sure shot job in Maple Country. You get enthusiastic and get ready to do anything to get one of those Job Offers In Canada, which will promise you riches and prosperity, and also help you in accomplishing you professionals goals.

The ignorant and unsuspecting Canada Immigration aspirants are trapped very smartly by the traders of counterfeit employment proposals. These unscrupulous operators catch the unaware people by posing as either direct employers or recruitment agencies of large organizations. Even if the highlighted employers highlighted do exist, they are very small (which often appear in the job listings).

The cheating scam is planned and carried out in a very meticulous way i.e. initially a flashy advertisement or a fake employer web portal is introduced to the applicants. You may also be presented due to matching emails, employment proposals (scanned copies), and many other genuine looking documents, etc.. After the Canada Immigration aspirants are convinced of the genuinety of the non-existent employment proposal, the swindlers make applicants shell out some money on account of application processing for work permit application.

The next phase of the duping involves demanding a significant amount of money from the applicants on name of further application and visa processing, and flight package arrangements. By this time, the poor and unaware people become very confident of the Canada Job Offers and they easily fall in trap. These poor people end up paying the desired amount of money to these fraudsters. This happens to be the last step in the duping incident, as the web portals, emails, and other profiles are simply deleted, thereby, leaving the people in a shock.

These victims are left lurching around for further information, and they have to bear another shock, when they become aware that no such communication was carried out by the employer, or the employment agency does not qualify for recruiting overseas workers.

Most of the Fake Job Offers originate other countries other than Maple country, and hence it is difficult to catch hold of these people.

That is why we always suggest that if you are planning For Canada? Avoid Fake Job Offers & Choose Safer Immigration. Always, get in touch with a genuine visa advisory agency and avail their expertise.

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