An overview of Canada Immigration Visa Policy

Believe it or not, fact related to a huge disparity between developing and developed countries will remain the same. Developed countries tempt the people of developing country for various reasons that include lavishing lifestyle, high quality of job, business growth and expansion and lots more.

It has been observed that people from developing nation find it hard to get a job in their native country, even if they get the job, they don’t get so much earning opportunity. As of result, they often keep their eyes on overseas opportunities targeting some wealthiest countries.

Canada is an object-lesson of the wealthiest countries that has a wonderful reputation among people who are seeking for business expansion and getting dream jobs. Canada immigration has an outstanding craze among people especially those are citizens of developing countries for offering a better lifestyle and various other privileges.

But Canada immigration doesn’t allow everyone to immigrate to the country, in fact only deserving candidates obtain the immigration visa. In other words, Canada immigration is known for lots strictness and complexities due to having hectic eligibility criteria and lengthy documentation process.

Although Canada has revised its policies and introduced several changes, still getting a Canadian immigration visa includes lots of complexities. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is a quite known body for accepting applications and implementing new immigration policy and rules in Canada immigration.

Canada offers two major types of visas – temporary and permanent – thus provides a great option for applicants to apply for the visa according to their purpose of visit. Temporary visa comes as the most suitable option for those who are tourists and students. Besides, those applicants who get work opportunities on contract basis in Canada, can also access the great option of Temporary visa.

Moreover, the permanent visa is taken as a great option for those who wish to settle in Canada permanently – people who wish to get a permanent work opportunity – or those intending to set up business in Canada.

The specific rules and eligibility criteria for both visas differ from each other, so you need to go through the detailed information regarding your type of visa.

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