UK to introduce advertising campaign to lure more visitors

An announcement for £8m advertising campaign came from the UK Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt  to attract overseas visitors  – clearly reflects UK’s aim towards strengthening its tourism sector that is considered as a major source of revenue.

He revealed that expansion of the advertising campaign will take place in 2013 to attract more overseas visitors in the country by offering various flexibilities in visa system.

The new campaign is introduced to target nine major countries across the world – China will be a major focus in this campaign – and other countries are India, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Japan and Germany.

Hunt has revealed that steps have been taken for targeting a huge population of China, home of 1.3bn residents.  Besides, the Billboard advertisement in support of the campaign will target the 14 major cities across the world including New Delhi, Beijing Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai and Mumbai.

Hunt, however, reiterated that China will remain the main target of this advertising campaign as the country is a major source of visitors for being a world’s most populous country and also hopes that triple the total number of Chinese tourist visitors, which he believed in having the potential of creating 14,000 new jobs and generate huge revenue.

He expressed his great hope that changing in the UK visa system announced by Damian Green, UK immigration minister, will definitely draw the sense of visitors from across the world. Recently held London Olympics indicated developing sports and culture can be a major effort on the way of attracting visitors to the UK.

Considering this, some major upcoming events like Commonwealth Games 2014, Cricket, World Cups in Rugby League and Rugby Union, will be a major highlight in the campaign.

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