US to start New Scheme for Illegal Migrants

The illegal migrants residing in the US will no longer worry for their deportation from the country as the new scheme announced in favor of them allows them to make themselves free from deportation for two years.

Announced by the US president Barack Obama, the new scheme lets such illegal migrants file their application for determination granting that will help them to avoid deportation for at least two years; if their applications get selected they will be allowed to avail the benefits of work permit in the United States.

The USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) will be responsible to accept the application and then the entire procedure will be taken into force. Meanwhile, the applicants get assurance from the department that deportation action will not be taken in any circumstance during this period.

After completing the entire procedure, the successful applicants will get right to continue their stay in the US for an allotted period of two years. Once the expiration of two years, the candidates will be treated again as illegal migrants and then they may face the deportation process. However, they can apply for another visa at the same time under the scheme of DACA.

As clear as day, the scheme doesn’t grant permanent citizenship rights to such migrants residing in the country. The applicants have to pay the total processing fee of US $ 465 while submitting their application. Besides, the applicants are also allowed to apply under this scheme more than once.

The scheme named Deferred Action is slated to be implemented on August 15, 2012 and came as some sort of leniency for the illegal migrants who often face the menace caused by deputation. As of predictions made by the department of Homeland Security (DHS) spokesperson, 1.04m people are expected to apply under this scheme – 890,000 out of them are eligible for Deferred Action.

The applicants, who are interested to apply for this scheme, will have to fulfill below mentioned eligibility criteria.

a)  The applicants must have arrived in the country under the age of 16 years old
b)  Must have spent 5 years in the UK
c)  The applicants must either be or under 30-year-old
d)  The applicants must either graduate or served the country as a military
e)  Must not be involved in any criminal offense

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