Canada Introduces New Immigration Legislation!

Every now and then, we see some country coming up with new legislation to control the illegal immigration. Of course, every country should take such steps, since illegal immigration is an offense and one should not go away with the crime. Of late, Canada is the country that has introduced a new law to prevent unlawful immigration that happens through human smuggling.
The legislation announced this Thursday is likely to make Canada immigration law tougher, which would make people who commit this offense suffer harsher penalties.

The proposals in the legislation include the following:

  • Persons convicted for human trafficking must be sentenced.
  • People who arrive illegally must be detained up to 12 months.
  • Unlawful immigrants must be made to wait up to 5 years to apply for PR.
  • Termination of applications filed by people seeking asylum status who visit their native countries for vacation.
  • Arresting ship operators/owners whose ships are used in illegal immigration.

The country public safety minister while announcing the legislation said that they will not tolerate any kind of abuse of the Canadian immigration system. The decision to introduce such a legislation came out after the country was caught 2 ships last year that helped unlawful immigrants to arrive Canada.

Any kind of exploitation of a country’s immigration system is unmerciful. Canada has the reputation of welcoming one of the biggest immigrant communities in the world. A country being welcoming does not mean that it would tolerate illegal things like arriving the country wrongfully.

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