Nigerian Jailed Over Fake Documents!

A man from Nigeria has been found guilty of using forgery documents and passports, on the basis of which he went on to work in the mental health support department for half a year in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Hakeem Amoo Ewebiyi, the man in concern has been ordered a jail sentence of two years and two months; the same has been confirmed by the Christchurch District Court.

This is not the first incident which has happened in this month. Earlier also, a man from Nigeria was ordered a jail sentence for using fake documents and getting employment in the field of mental health.

It has been confirmed that Ewebiyi came to New Zealand in the year 2003 on the basis of fake documents and false passport of South Africa. Judge Jane Farish affirmed the same. After a defended hearing, he was considered guilty but went on to apply for a refugee status in the land of Kiwis. He also lied someone stole the passport from him while the same was found after a thorough investigation of his home.

During this period, he also applied for a Nigerian passport but when the same went for cross-checking purpose, it was observed that certain documents were changed with his details. The judge confirmed that soon it was found that the passport is fake too. in some documents the age mentioned was 41, while in some it was 35.

He even got married in the land of Kiwis and has a son too. But the family loves apart now. In all these years, Ewebiyi worked with various organizations, mainly linked with mental health and support services.

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