Get Canada Investor Visa via Quebec Route

Canada Investor Visa

Today, the global investors have become sharp players. They invest in a country only once they are 100% sure that the outcome will be better in the long run. These days, one nation that has gained widespread popularity among the investors worldwide is the Maple Leaf Country, Canada.

Canada Investor Visa
Canada Investor Visa

And, if as an investor you wish to settle there in, you will definitely like to think of Quebec. The province’s investor program is very popular. It offers an easy opportunity not only to the primary applicant to immigrate to the province, but to also their family members who can move in with the similar status of permanent resident.

Canada Investor Visa

It is a permanent category through the Quebec Investor Programme. You can easily gain the prized Canadian permanent residency, and once you have successfully lived and worked in the province for at least 4 years, you become entitled for the much sought after Canadian passport and citizenship.

Business professionals and managers of any nation can apply for the same. No strict restrictions, on the basis of age, language or education are imposed on the applicant.

Requirements of Programme

To qualify, you must successfully meet the following requirements:

  • Primary applicant along with the spouse must have legally accumulated at least net worth of 1,600,000 Canadian Dollars mainly through their business or as an employee he must have managed a company.
  • The principal applicant must own a company for at least last two years or have owned the same for two years in the last five years or else must have managerial work experience as a employee for at least 2 years.
  • With the Quebec Government, the primary candidate must agree to make a passive investment of at least 800,000 Canadian Dollars for a fixed tenure of five years.

How the procedure takes place?

Once your file as a investor is prepared and deposited and approval is given from the Quebec Government, the applicant have to deposit 800,000 Canadian Dollars to the bank or at a brokerage firm selected by the Quebec Government. The invested amount will be returned to you after five years at zero interest rate, and if you do not wish to liquidate the invested amount, then an alternate financing solution is there.

Alternate Financing Solution

If you do not wish to liquidate the amount, in that case you can make one time financing fee of 240,000 Canadian Dollars and use rest of the amount as per your wish. Majority of the investors choose not to liquidate their asset as they find the interest rate rather low, and they are left with enough capital to settle in the province.

No doubt, the Maple Leaf Country is a better choice to make an investment considering the number of factors such as location, culture, age, business scenario and asset required.

Quebec Government is very strict in selecting immigrants for its province. Thus, you can apply for the Canada Investor Visa with the help of a Canada Immigration Consultant. With the assistance from an expert you will not only experience hassle-free proceeding but your journey will also become better.

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