Immigration to Poland with TRP Visa Not Very Difficult Option

Immigration to Poland

Poland is an extremely peaceful country now. It was torn apart during the World War I and II though. It is a popular member of the European Union (EU), and due to the presence of Soviet Union, the country was afraid of its national security. Thus, the Polish Government maintained straight immigration norms. But now as the scenario is changing, it has started opening its doors for immigrants. Still, one has to sail through stringent immigration process.

Immigration to Poland
Immigration to Poland

Now let’s talk about the country’s Temporary Residence Permit (TRP)!

Immigration to Poland with TRP Visa

Before we go into more details, let’s find out when you need to apply for the TRP Visa. If you wish to travel to the country for less than three months, then can do the same with the help of your legal documents. But if you intend to live in the nation for more than three months, then surely you will require a TRP. The permit is granted for a period of up to three years. However, if required, you may extend the duration.

The TRP Visa has been introduced with new norms. Earlier, it was issued for two years but know the duration has been increased to one more year, and the second important change is that earlier for extension the application had to be submitted 45 days in advance from the expiry date of the TRP but now you can apply for the same even on the expiry date.

The TRP Visa is granted on various grounds, such as to study, invest, start a business, conduct research, work or marry a Polish Citizen. You can submit the application for the same at the Polish Consulate in your country of residence, and if you are already in the nation, then you can apply for the same at the regional office.

If you have been granted a TRP, then you automatically become eligible to receive a Residence Card which acts as an official document which confirms your stay in the country as legal. Using the same, you can easily register your place of abode and can obtain a PESEL number that you will be required to pay tax. And, the major plus point is you can enter the nation multiple times.

On the one hand the Polish Government has made it easier for the immigrants to move to the nation, on the other hand, to maintain its national security and save the economy from unnecessary economic burden, it has imposed certain restrictions, such as if the local employer is hiring a non EU applicant, then he should give enough proof that the country’s citizens are unable to meet the required demand, and the selected applicant is qualified and he possesses the required skills to fulfill the job’s demand.

Immigration to Poland with TRP Visa can become relatively easy with the help of a professional immigration consultant. An expert will surely provide you complete details. You must not take a chance and consult an immigration consultant at the earliest.

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