Poland TRP Visa–Learn About the Different Reasons for Application Submission

Poland TRP Visa

Poland is a lesser known country in the European Union (EU) which is fast gaining widespread popularity among the immigrants, especially among those who are looking for an easy opportunity to enter Europe.  A survivor of the World War I and II, the destination is well-known for its rich history and exotic locations. Every year, a large number of people visit the nation to experience its rich culture.

Lately, the Polish Government has made some sincere efforts to draw immigrants. People here, by and large, are friendly and they love their cultural. Coming to the country is relatively easy as compared to any other European country.

Poland TRP Visa
Poland TRP Visa

Those who wish to stay in the hotspot for a short period of time such as three months or less do not really require an additional permit. All a traveler requires to carry is their legal and current travel documents. But if you have really fallen in love with the country and wish to spend some more time there in, then you will require obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit (TRP), also called Poland TRP Visa.

With a Poland TRP Visa you can stay in the nation for up to three years. At times, the duration may vary depending on your specific circumstances, and if required, it can be further extended as well.

Find a Reason for Poland TRP Visa

Each applicant who wishes to acquire the Poland TRP Visa must state solid reasons. There is a long list of reasons to choose from:

  • Started working in the country or wish to work,
  • Working in a country as a highly skilled Worker with a blue card,
  • Wish to start a venture,
  • For a foreign company already working as a delegate,
  • Pursing a higher degree or a language course,
  • Involved in a academic research,
  • Wish to visit Polish relatives or are genuine victim of human trafficking,
  • Family unification.

Poland TRP Visa Process Time

Fresh applicants can apply for the visa at the consulate at the Poland High Commission/Embassy in their own country, and if they are already in the country, they can submit a petition at the regional office.

Normally, the required time period is two months, but generally the taken time period is one month. Those who have been refused the Poland TRP Visa can file an appeal at the Head of the Office for foreigners located in Warsaw. The appeal should be filed not later than two weeks after the denial of the visa.

For more information on the subject, check with a professional Immigration Consultant. Since as mentioned before, the country is lesser known, you cannot really initiate your application using the vague information. Thus, you must not miss the chance and consult a professional immigration agent at the earliest opportunity. He will help you navigate through the intricate visa process and help you get it inside a short time.

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