Canada is on its way to eliminate the immigration fraud

Marking March as the fraud prevention month, the Immigration Minister of Canada, Marco Mendicino, has reiterated that Canada is one of the most sought-after destinations for immigration and travel. There are more than a million individuals who aspire for Canadian Immigration every year under different pathways.

For those migrants who seek Canada PR Visa, they tend to take the services from consultants. While some consultants are authentic and deliver adequate services, some fraudsters cheat on innocent applicants and exploit the Canadian immigration system’s overall sanctity.

The Canadian Government is cracking down upon these fraudsters by strengthening its vigilance and adopting new measures to address the issue. The oversight upon the applications is increased, and there are general public awareness campaigns launched to sensitize people about the fraudulent practices prevalent in the industry.

The Minister announced that Canada had committed almost $50 million towards fighting fraud over the next few years and has established a new college to keep a check on the immigration consultants and trace down the criminals involved in the system.

Due to the pandemic, there has been an increase in these fraudulent activities because people have been desperate and uncertain, which has led them to fall prey to the fake consultants’ false promises.

To prevent yourself from such fake consultants, please remember –

  • Canada Immigration system purely functions based on merit irrespective of the fact that you are applying through a representative or not
  • The applicants, while taking services of a consultancy, representative, or a notary, must look out if they are authorized and authentic
  • The requirements and the conditions are mentioned on the IRCC website; therefore, you should not believe in anyone’s unrealistic promises

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