Consider Alberta PNP Occupation List 2021 for migration

Alberta is one of the popular provinces of Canada that migrants prefer to migrate to. However, in order to apply for the province, you must be familiar with the Alberta PNP Occupation List of the year you are applying for. It should be understood that under skilled migration, you are required to be related to the field that is in demand in the province to get an invite for becoming the permanent resident of Canada.

The occupations which are in demand in Alberta at present are –

  • Sales and service executives
  • Retail Managers, Salesperson, Cashiers and staff
  • Trade and Transport related workers, contractors and supervisors
  • Oil and Gas (related to primary industries)
  • Business, Finance or Administrative skills
  • Heavy Equipment operators
  • Management professionals
  • Chefs, Restaurant and food service manager and staff
  • Metal forming, shaping and erecting experts
  • Miners and Drillers
  • Insurance and Finance clerks
  • Mechanics (Automobile Technician)

You can apply for the Alberta PNP if you qualify as a skilled professional in the fields mentioned above. Also, you must have a valid job offer from an employer in Alberta to apply for the nomination. There is a defined eligibility criteria that has to be fulfilled. You can understand the process at length and your prospects with the help of your immigration consultant.

The Provincial Nomination Programs are gaining popularity among the migrants because it is a clear-cut pathway to become a permanent resident of Canada. With a PNP, you get 600 additional points on your Canada PR points calculator which automatically jumps your ranking to be invited in the subsequent rounds of Express Entry. Therefore, you must look out for your eligibility of getting a nomination from Canadian province to accelerate your process of becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

The process of Canada migration works as per the Canada occupation List which is regularly updated so as to attract the deserving and in-demand applicants. These migrants will contribute to the economic development and growth of Canada while getting all the benefits as a permanent resident of Canada. It also opens the door to become Canadian citizen in future.

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