Canada Migration via Express Entry–Unique Opportunity

The ‘Country Located in the North of the US’, Canada, attracts a large number of people due to various reasons. It has gained the spot of topmost immigration hotspot for migration. A large number of people these days plan to migrate to the nation, via Express Entry.

The much talked about and widely covered scheme comes after the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), another famous scheme, even while as per the current Canadian Immigration Minister, the applications submitted under Express Entry will be accepted from January 2015.

The program is based on a similar model being successfully run and managed by the concerned immigration bodies of New Zealand and Australia. Express Entry will provide an easy opportunity to the would-be migrants, and help them make a smooth and hassle-free entry to the immigration hotspot, and get permanent residence there in.

Migration to Canada via Express Entry will be possible only after both the Canadian government and employers select candidates, based on their skills and attributes that the country needs. Under the scheme, applicants will present an application via Express of Interest (EOI), and simply answer a set of questions related to their professional skills, education, languages skills, etc., along with some applicable personal particulars.

At a later stage, the skills of the candidates will be duly matched with the labor requirements as specified the various Canadian provinces, territories, and employers. Once an appropriate match is discovered, the involved immigration officials will proffer Express Entry to the prospective aliens who may have applied through any of these well-known immigration programs of the nation:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class Program
  • Business Class Program

The plan aims to give an excellent opportunity only to those prospective migrants who stand a really good chance of becoming successful in the Maple Leaf Country than just being the other person in the long queue. It means the candidates with high potentials will be preferred, and given the chance to become permanent residents in the Maple Leaf Country. How solid your background is will be duly judged, and your profile given a, sort of, rating accordingly.

It is expected that Ottawa will make an investment of $14 million in the next two years. And after this, a minimum $4.7 million will be suitably invested to make sure the program proves a huge success across the globe and attracts Canada immigration-inspired aspirants in impressive numbers.

Canadian employers can bring their Labor Market Opinion (LMO), their job offers to the Express Entry system. And, make sure that the candidates that they need arrive in the nation within no time. And, the persons arrive as immigrants and not as temporary foreign workers—certainly not as those who are in the country with an uncertain future and expected to go back, but as full immigrants to the nation.

The Candidates–who had applied through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)–may also be benefited through the Express Entry as long as the concerned provinces and territories bring their programs under the federal one. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will extend invitation to apply for Canada’s PR only to those candidates who have a valid job offer, or a provincial or territorial nomination.

Migration via Express Entry to the dream destination Canada is most beneficial as the applicants, along with their immediate family members, will straight away be given PR–the second most much wanted status, next only to Canadian citizenship in importance and acceptance.

All those people–who want to migrate to Canada–should get their credentials duly ready as the big day is just round the corner. It’s high time you concretized your overseas immigration dreams and flew to your dream immigration destination using the latest program up for grabs for the purpose.

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