Canada’s New Federal Skilled Trades Program

Much (new amendments) were emphasized in Canada’s new Economic Immigration System by Citizen and Immigration Minister Jason Kenny – to make country’s immigration system fast and flexible and give a new dimension to economic development Program. The New Federal Skilled Trades Program is one among the several amendments, which opens the door of the country for skilled workers and traders in the country – aiming to deal with the shortage of workers in Canada’s labor market.

The latest announcement by Kenny – fostered with a wonderful aim of making economic system of country strong by providing investment and business opportunities for foreigners by introducing some flexibilities in migration program for such categories. CIC shows its clear intention of making an independent streamlined program for skilled trades persons and also intends to provide occupation opportunity in various other sectors industries, construction, production, manufacturing and many others.

Such recommendations have been made with the great aim of fulfilling needs of skilled trades persons who are often in high demand in the Canadian market – especially in construction sector. The current FSW selection process is based on points system, follows passing marks of 67, and assessed by taking into account of 100-point grid. Undoubtedly, the current FSW program is effective, but allows only limited number of immigrants to make their way.

On the contrary, the proposed changes are expected to make a positive effect on the skilled trades persons immigration by acknowledging the work experience in a particular occupation rather than taking formal education into consideration. Besides, the new Federal Skilled Trades Program is structured in a way to avoid complications and hectic points-grid – to attract intended people.

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