Proposed Changes in Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The proposed amendments in CEC – is treated as other major step recommended by Jason Kenny, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister, while revealing the changes in Canada’s new Economic Immigration System, emphasizing on need to satisfy the demand of workers in country’s labor market. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) intends to offer certain kind of relief to those who are temporary workers – by reducing the work experience criteria for Intended persons to apply for permanent resident in the country.

Besides, such step will also help tradespersons to avail the great benefit of permanent resident in Canada, as they often get project based opportunity for a limited period or can be seasonal. Aiming to improve Canada’s economic performance, the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) witnesses a great reform in terms of work experience that has been introduced 12 months instead of 24 months – reflects that the intended applicant needs to earn the mentioned work experience within 36 months. The announcement seems to be fully focused on providing a pace in economic development and creating more employment opportunities to provide equal prosperity for all.

The CEC first came into existence in 2008, provided a reason for international skilled worker and student to access the territory of the country – to accommodate those skilled immigrants who possess appropriate eligibility criteria required in Canada’s labor market and also to offer economic success to such category. The success of the program can be experienced by going through a statics 2011, claimed an unexpected growth in the number of immigrants under this program. The 50 per cent of significant rise in the figure of immigrants – certainly tells the success story of the CEC.

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