Foreign Education Credential Assessment – a proposed change in Canada’s Economic Immigration system

Several changes have been proposed in Canada’s Economic Action Plan 2012 to give a right direction of its economic immigration system and also to make it fast and flexible for immigrants. Talking about Foreign Education Credential Assessment – announcement by Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenny, will deal with the applicants who intend to immigrate to Canadaas Federal Skilled Workers, would have to go through their foreign education credential assessment.

The new Economic Immigration System allows only those applicants, who have gone through the discussed assessment successfully – to access the country. Such assessment doesn’t offer any kind of assurance in terms of employment or any other opportunity – but only for the purpose of licensure to their profession – by a regulatory body.

Aside from describing the proposed changes, Minister Jason Kenny also made an effort to give the game away of progress report claimed by the government of Canada – in the context of strengthen country’s economy and  Foreign Credential recognition. Moreover, the report also highlighted a great effort by Human Health Canada, CIC, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada – to accommodate foreigners in the country.

Here is an important look of some great highlights, revealed while describing the report.

CIIP Expansion Plan, currently, managed and controlled by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges, the CIIP (Canadian Immigration Integration Program) is subjected to expand further – functions great service of pre-arrival orientation session in nearly 25 countries.

Innovative Assessment, this will help those who are in medical profession especially nurses – need to satisfy several requirements for licensure inside the country.

Launching the International Qualification Work Website, the website will be launched mainly for stakeholders – with the great purpose of sharing information conveniently and to perform the task of credential assessment.

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