Canada Permanent Residence Immigration

With plenty of visa options to select from, the applicants get full liberty to pick up the most appropriate visa options considering their actual requirements. Canada Permanent Residence Immigration is one of the most popular options that lured large number of visa seekers for providing lots of benefits.

More and more, it allows visa holders to stay in the country permanently and also enjoy having a citizenship right.  Once you become a permanent resident of Canada, you get all rights and privileges, even though holding the citizenship of your native country. The applicant needs to satisfy the specific residency obligations, in order to maintain their status of permanent resident.

Canadian government has taken a drastic step to provide the shelter to overseas refugees and started several programs considering their basic requirements. Refugee who enters Canadian province can get lots of benefits by the Government Assisted Refugee Program and Private Sponsorship of Refugee Program. However, it doesn’t mean that people who make a refugee claim can easily get a permanent resident status in Canada.

To get the permanent resident citizenship status, such refugees must obtain a positive consent on the claim, which they are making for, from the immigration and refugee board. After that, they need to apply for and allowed to be a permanent resident.

Being a permanent resident of Canada

  1. Right to receive more social benefits
  2. Right to avail world class medical facility
  3. Right to study and work anywhere in Canada
  4. Right to avail protection under Canadian law
  5. To avail Canadian charter of rights and freedom

Obtaining a permanent resident status, the candidates are granted to live in Canada, but following a time period for living outside the country. One must reside in Canada for at least two years, in order to keep their status update.

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