Details about Subclass 485 visa for Australia

Talking about the Subclass 485 visa comes as a great option for foreign students who are not capable of satisfying the Permanent General Skilled Migration Visa criteria, can make their stay in Australia for the specific period of 18 months. During their stay, they need to gain skilled work experience or also learn English language.

Once after obtaining visa successfully, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residence in Australia any time, only if, you fulfill the pass mark criteria following the General Skilled Migration points test.

Who are eligible to get this visa?

The visa is mainly offered to accommodate overseas students, who are capable of satisfying following requirements

  1. The applicants’ age must be below of 50 years
  2. The applicants must spend 2 years for study in Australia
  3. Completed an eligible qualification in the last six months
  4. Must possess skills and qualification to satisfy the Australian standard for an occupation from listed Australian occupation list

Application process

To apply for a Subclass 485 visa, the applicants need to prepare their application form by providing all the details with a great accuracy. You must ensure that your application doesn’t carry any word that carries double meaning or creates any ambiguity.

The applicants must further attach all the documents to make their application form complete. Incomplete application often considered to be a great cause of delay or refusal, so you must take this fact into consideration while completing your application.

If you choose an online medium to lodge your application, ensure that, you provide all attachments to the e-visa system. You need not to send copies of such attachments by email or other means. If you are not comfortable to apply through online, you can choose other mediums like post and courier.

A non-refundable visa application charge is meant to be paid by all the applicants while filing the application.

Benefits of Subclass 485

The successful applicants are allowed to avail the numbers of benefits, as follows

  1. Right to live in Australia for up to 18 months
  2. Right to travel
  3. Right to work
  4. Right to study and improve English language
  5. Right to complete a professional year

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