Canada Permit Conditions Discourage Aspirants, Claim Envoys

In a not-too-positive development, some ambassadors, posted in Canada, have issued the warning that a large number of global visitors are not showing much interest in the country with the reason being the submission process for the nation’s temporary resident visas is highly complex.

Even as there aren’t any requirements of Canadian permits for the guests from the US, Britain & numerous EU nations, the citizens of most other nations do have such requirements. Fears exist that the highly complicated permit forms are not doing any justice to the Canadian trade and inspiring the probable business investors & capitalists/industrialists to explore other options, at the cost of the Maple Leaf Country.

In this connection, a concerned person allegedly said that Canada is a stunning nation with exceptional and friendly natives. Still the hard fact is that the nation’s visa submission procedure is rather intricate. No wonder, many individuals have begun to opt for certain others destinations.

4 sections, many queries

The candidates ought to fill in forms with 4 sections, besides answer several questions even while it’s mandatory for them to furnish details related to their weddings, preceding weddings & about their mates & kids, even if the kids and the spouse may have no plans whatsoever to take a trip to the country.

The aspirants are also asked to report on their associations with any political party which may have promoted violence to achieve political ends. The candidates are also asked to declare in case they have ever seen the ill-treatment of captives or civilians. The aspirants from certain nations are asked to record any incident on which they were hired by their own administrations. The candidates are also asked where their parents breathed their last.

Several worthless details that defy logic

The involved person added that the submission forms seek futile info that defies all logic even as he counseled Ottawa to junk worthless information. He further said that the nation ought to also take certain measures to make its permit submission process at par the one seen in the case of its immediate neighbor, i.e., the US, so that the guests may easily file a petition to visit both the nations straight away. He continued that Ottawa would do well to drastically decrease the figure of questions.

Echoing somewhat similar sentiments, another diplomat reportedly has informed the media that the visa submission forms are so complex that candidates frequently make mistakes even as the forms, as a result, are sent back by the involved Immigration Canada authorities with requests for additional info.

Meanwhile, some observers have alleged that several aspirants fail to make the cut, and this comprises numerous well-known & top South American industrial & banking personalities. That this may seriously destroy Canada’s economy cannot be refuted, added the observers.

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