Use Start-Up Permit Program, Shine on World Map!

Are you enterprising businessmen and wish to shine on the world map? What about Canada? In case you wish to develop a vibrant firm which may compete on a world level, look no further! Perhaps, you will not get a better option.

The nation’s much talked about Start-Up Permit Program is perfect for ambitious businessmen like you even as this unique business program attaches the global immigrant entrepreneurs with experienced private sector groups which possess the needed proficiency in getting fruitfully involved with the start-ups.

Significantly, the Maple Leaf Country seeks entrepreneurs. Unlike the so-called parallel programs in some other nations, it offers neither temporary nor provisional position. The successful candidates to this program are enabled to shift to the nation as proud permanent residents with no conditions whatsoever linked to the blossoming, or otherwise, of their company.

How to make the grade?

Well, prior to you submit an application; you will require securing an assurance from a delegated Canadian venture capital fund or angel investor group to make an investment in your business idea. Immigration Canada has collaborated with the nation’s Venture Capital, besides Private Equity Association, not to mention the National Angel Capital Organization to spot the involved private sector bodies.

To file a petition for the Start-Up Permit, get in touch with one of the said groups even as you inspire them that your business idea is valuable, and investment could be made in it. After you get an assurance, you may submit a submission to the Immigration Canada to land on the nation’s territories, via the scheme.

Apart from sailing through the regular health & security conditions, you will require proving your capability to converse in either French or English, that you have concluded 1 year of study at a post-secondary establishment, and that you possess adequate funds to reside in the country while you set-up your company therein.

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