Canada PR Immigration–Top Visa Options Accessible

Canada PR immigration

The highly developed economy that is also a perfect destination for raising a family is none other than Canada. The numerous benefits that are enjoyed by the migrants to the country, in terms of employment and a higher standard of living, make it an ideal place for immigration and Canada PR Immigration is the best way to do so.

Canada PR Immigration

Ottawa offers numerous good visa and immigration options to the aspirants. Quebec Skilled Programme, Provincial Nominee Programme, Express Entry these are just some such schemes.

The entry to the Canada is well supported by its point based immigration system which clearly states that the aspiring migrant is judged upon few specific parameters.

These overheads help him seize some points that are based upon his language skill, age, work experience and education.

A person–who aims at Canada PR immigration Visa–needs to seize not less than 60 points for hassle-free movement.

Canada PR Immigration Benefits

Once an applicant enters the Maple Leaf Country on a Canada Permanent Residence (PR) Visa, he.

  • Gets the facility of working, living and studying in the nation.
  • Receives several good options for grabbing Canadian citizenship.
  • Gets amazing health benefits.

Canada PR Immigration Options

The hopeful migrant who wants to enjoy several facilities in the Maple Leaf Country can choose any of the fast tracks mentioned below:

  1. Skilled Immigrant Visa – Through the nation’s Express entry that started on January 1, 2015 many of the skilled workers can enter in the nation. It is one of the most wonderful opportunities available to the wishful migrant who is skilled and talented. Through this gateway, many employment opportunities open up for him. A person choosing this gateway needs to submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) whereupon he is judged on the perimeters of age, work experience, education and language ability. These help him score some points. For a stress-free Canada PR immigration, he needs to collect at least 60 points through these overheads. These points will decide his fate so it’s better to get more points for sure-shot entry to the nation.
  2. Provincial Nominee Programmes – The nation is divided into 10 territories and 3 provinces. The PNP gateway offers endless working opportunities to a person. If the candidate has some specific province in his mind for Canada PR immigration, then he needs to obtain nomination from that particular province.
  3. Quebec Skilled Worker Programme – Quebec is one of the largest provinces of the nation even as offers a promising future to the aspirants keen to live and do a job in this province. Though there are many highly good employment opportunities, presently the province is planning to create new jobs in the field of knowledge and innovation by next year. This makes it an apt reason to look for Canada PR immigration and move to the province in question.

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