Numerous Immigration Issues Plaguing Australia

Australia is a leading immigration hotspot, and if you are there in, you get to enjoy number of benefits that you are not likely to enjoy in your own country. Oz is perfect for students, business professionals, entrepreneurs, skilled workers and travelers.

A large number of people are eager to become a part of the rapidly growing economy at every cost, and to do so some of them are allegedly not hesitating to breach the national laws of the nation. No wonder, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is facing numerous immigration issues almost every day.

Canberra has stringent immigration laws that protect the country from bearing unnecessary economic burden and keep a check on the flow of the migrants. Though Down Under is immigrant friendly, there is no dearth of immigration issues that the Australian Government along with the DIBP has to face.

To maintain the standard of the country’s immigration policy, numerous issues require strict action and a sharp eye. Some of the issues are as follow:

Boat People

Every year, a large number of illegal immigrants move to the country through the sea. It was way back in 1976 that the first three boats carrying illegal immigrants landed from Vietnam. Since then, numerous illegal immigrants have used the route. Majority of the Australian citizens do not want such immigrants who have almost no formal education and skills, and so the illegal migrants are kept on two Pacific Island nations, Nauru and Papua New Guinea (PNG).

On several occasion, the country’s policy for asylum ‘pacific solution’ has been termed cruel. But against the backdrop of the high number of illegal immigrants moving to the country, there is very little that the Australian Government can really do.

Immigrants with Fake Passport & Bogus Documents

In recent years the number of immigrants entering the country using fake passport and fake documents has gone up. Such immigrants come to the country to live a better life and gain economic prosperity. They weaken the legal sector and are threat to nation’s security. They are also a big burden on the country’s economy as they have no skills, experience, education and capital to support themselves there in.

Illegal Migrants

Canberra has formed a policy on illegal migrants, i.e., ‘migration act’. It includes those who have entered the nation without legal authorization or have overstayed their visa duration. If found t unlawful, the migrant is either detained or deported to his native country unless the DIBP gives them the permission to live in the country. At present, Oz has approximately 50,000 illegal immigrants.

It is required that the DIBP, along with the Australian Government, work to solve the various immigration issues. Though it’s not an easy task to tackle the different immigration issues plaguing the nation, no stone must be left unturned and all necessary measures must be taken to save Down Under from the negative impacts of such issues.

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