Obtain Canada PR via Investment Programme Nova Scotia!

Investment Programme Nova Scotia

Are you interested in getting Permanent Residence (PR) in Canada using the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) path? If yes, use the Investment Programme Nova Scotia and get PR in the country rather fairly easily.

Nova Scotia is an amazingly beautiful Canadian province and it attracts migrants from across the world, thanks to its exciting and multicultural society and several other factors. The total population of Nova Scotia is around 900,000. Located at the Eastern Cost of Canada, it has wonderful immigration and Permanent Residence (PR) proposal for you concealed in its investment programme.

Nova Scotia Investment Programme
Nova Scotia Investment Programme

This most opted category holds a promising future for the business executives who wish to make the province their new stopover. For a successful immigration under this particular category, an individual needs to launch a new business or venture with the mandatory requirement of conducting regular supervision of the company.

After 12 months of successful execution of the business, the investor can claim its PR. The proposal is open for those aspirants who are lucky to grab an invitation for submitting the application under the aforesaid category.

Basically, there are two types of Investor/Entrepreneur visa available up-for-grabs.

Nova Scotia International Graduate Entrepreneur

Under this class, 50 nominations are accepted every year. The general requirement for successful migration under this particular stream is that an applicant should possess a post-secondary degree or diploma from the province. He should not be less than 21 and more than 55 years of age. Under this category, his language proficiency score should be CLB 7.

He should be receiving a salary from the ongoing business even while the venture should be in a sound financial status at the time of applying for investment proposals. To successfully cross the borders through this pathway, he needs to create one year long vacancies for the Canadian citizens through a genuine business.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneur

The category looks for minimum 600,000 Canadian Dollars investment in business and personal assets and capital investment of 150,000 Canadian Dollars. Your language skills should not be less than CLB 5 along with High school diploma. Once the business is selected by the province, then the aspirant needs to apply for a 1 year work permit. Thereafter, he can file an   application for the PR of the Canada.

Apart from these requirements, there are other requirements that the scheme asks for-

  1. The invested money should be earned by executing lawful business and the candidate must have all the relevant proofs to justify it.
  2. His business establishment must depict clear cut progress and the changes that are expected within the coming year of its execution.
  3. His experience should not be less than 3 years in business proprietorship whereas its 5 years in high ranking business management sector.
  4. The person needs to execute the business activity while staying in Nov Scotia and not from any other province or territory of the nation.
  5. The main purpose of the business must be to receive profit either from the sale of products or services.

Whatever details are furnished by the individual must be supported by certificates and proofs as in the case of education and management experience.

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