Hungary on the Healthcare Front


Hungary is a highly developed central European nation and roughly the size of Indiana, the US. It boasts of a tax-funded universal healthcare structure, established by the state-owned National Health Insurance Fund (HIF), which is chiefly answerable for regular healthcare expenses in the country. State budgetary aid is given for the capital expenses. The outcome is a rather good mix of tax & social insurance-based funds accountable for supporting the country’s system.

Yes, healthcare is an exceedingly crucial component of this Parliamentary democracy’s infrastructure. The same also happens to be an important component in the country’s national spirit, as the nation maintains a rather powerful belief in the concept that no individual should be left unattended in case they need help, and are either sick or hurt.


It’s precisely due to this approach that the this land locked nation’s healthcare structure–as mentioned before– is duly financed through the Health Insurance Fund, a taxpayer-funded arrangement that guarantees total care for one and all.

It’s precisely due to this that all inhabitants of the nation have the power to access healthcare whenever the need arises for the same. According to the OECD, 100% of the total population of the nation is covered by universal health insurance.

Health in the nation may be described with a quickly improving expectancy of life (7.48 years for men & 4.92 years for women from 1993 to 2013) and an exceedingly low rate of infant mortality (4.6 every 1,000 live births during 2014).

Excellent National Ambulance & Emergency Services

As a comparatively high-income nation with a medium-sized economy and access to the single market of the EU, the country has developed a pretty vigorous, quality healthcare arrangement.

Superb air ambulance bases touch the whole country. And it’s because of this well-organized arrangement that the National Ambulance Service is in a position to reach those in need, anywhere across the nation. Through helicopters it can cover as much as 85% of the country’s areas inside just 15 minutes or so.

Right at Top in Medical & Dental Tourism

Hungary is a leading player in medical tourism in Europe. Courtesy its status for high quality and professional treatment–especially in the domain of dental treatment–the nation has also emerged as one of the globe’s most popular dental tourism hotspots. It sits right at the top in dental tourism even as its share is as high as 42% in Europe and 21% globally.

Frankly speaking, in case there’s any one business where the nation dwarfs others, it’s in dental tourism. In spite of only being a geographically tiny country with nearly 10 million individuals, the nation makes up a surprising 42% of all medical and dental tourism in the European continent, and also a fabulous 21% of the global total.

But other branches of healthcare in Hungry also get attention and the services offered are at par with the best in the world.

Orthopaedic surgery, dentistry, cosmetic surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, obesity treatment, fertility treatment, dermatology, and anti-ageing treatment, etc., happen to be among the most well-liked medical treatments offered in Hungary. The Hungarian plastic surgery business has also been doing fine for several years now. And 30% of the clients arrive in the country from overseas. They save as much as 40-80% on their medical expenses.

Top Private Health Centres with High-tech Equipment

The country’s blessed location on the Carpathian Basin has provided it with an endless stream of rivers, great lakes and, much more importantly, magical springs, apart from, of course, its world-famed thermal spa baths. The nation’s spa culture enjoys extensive popularity in the world. More than 50 spa hotels in towns–spread across the length and breadth of the nation–provide luxury services to uncountable visitors every year. Right from soothing massage therapies to a vast range of medical and beauty cures, these thermal bath centres provide their customers the chance for complete relaxation.

Széchenyi Spa by night, Budapest

Places like these enjoy widespread popularity with the visitors of all types who visit them to manage stress, worry and all of life’s other difficulties. The chemical & biological arrangement of such waters makes them just perfect for curing different kinds of gynecological diseases, chronic skin issues, and locomotor complaints.

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