Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs–Requirements & Application Process

Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs

The highly famous Yukon provincial Nominee Programme is exclusively crafted for those lucky aspirants who possess the caliber of making an addition to the economy of the territory. Their experience of starting a venture, launch a company or simply buy an existing firm goes a long way.

Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs
Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs

This specific plan is not regarded as an investment plan, but the applicant needs to contribute funds so that the continuity of the company is maintained. Yukon is in search of those talented entrepreneurs who possess the talent of making a massive addition to its economy. If a managerial skill is your USP, then this programme is especially created for you.

If you possess the above mentioned qualities, then it becomes easier for you to start up with your migration process. In case your application is approved, then you become the nominee and get full support from the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and it will issue you a two year work permit.

With the help of this permit you get settled in the province and execute your company. After two years of successful business execution, if you meet the requirements, all needful guidance will be provided to you by the IRCC for grabbing the prized and the much sought after Canadian Permanent Residency (PR).

Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs–Requirements

While targeting the Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme, you need to fulfill some requirements.

  • The nominee assessment grid presents your graph of immigration. Your high score ensures your immigration. To successfully seize this point you need to score at least 65 points. These 65 score should consists 10 points for language proficiency.
  • You are required to score 6 in IELTS or level 4 in d’Evaluation De Francais (TEF)
  • You’re entrepreneurial or business management experience should not be less than three years.
  • The business puts forward by you should be backed with a relevant experience which should not be less than five years.
  • You should have capital worth 500,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • Your liquid assists verified by the Yukon accounting firm should stand at 300,000 Canadian Dollars.
  • You need to prove with relevant papers or documents that the money you are planning to invest is earned through legal work and no criminal activity is involved in procuring it.
  • Ensure that you intend to live in the territory and execute your business plans according to the requirements of the province.

Yukon Provincial Nominee Programme for Entrepreneurs—Application Process

The petitions of the applicants who apply for the YPNP are put in a pool from where the higher scorer is cherry-picked by the authorities. Those selected will be asked to present necessary documents and certificate to cross check the details submitted by him.

On getting satisfactory reply, they will be asked to face an interview. After the interview, if they will be found eligible, they will be asked to participate in the YBNP. In an attempt to help the aspirants settle in the province, all necessary aid is provided to them so that they start their new business in Yukon without any hassles.

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