New Brunswick–Best Business/Investment Destination in the World

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Canada is a favorite overseas destination to run money-spinning businesses and make profitable investments. The Canadian Government welcomes foreign investors and businessmen and gives them a great environment to do well and grow. The Maple Leaf Country runs several business and investment programmes and schemes for the investors and businessmen–both at the federal and the provincial levels.

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Business And Investment

Business and Investment in New Brunswick

This Canadian province is an amazing place to do lucrative business and make money-making investments. The concerned government–under the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)–offers all possible support to the global investors and businessmen to help them expand their business and boost the province’s economy.

The interested businessmen and investors are advised to tap into made-to-order, low-risk enticements, comprising loan guarantees, employee training, millions of dollars for innovation and R&D, plus substantial federal and provincial tax credits. Without a doubt, New Brunswick’s R&D tax regime is the most generous in the nation.

New Brunswick Business Provincial Nominee Programme (NBPNP)

It is basically a Provincial Nominee Programme made possible via a deal with the Administration of Canada. As an economic plan, the NBPNP picks-up, and offers nomination to the skilled business people and trained employees from across the globe who will settle in the province and contribute to its economy.

As per some observers on the subject, among the many PNPs, it is the best business scheme in the world. No wonder, this extensively used business PNP inspires all ambitious businessmen and investors from all over the world.

New Brunswick–Best Business/Investment Destination

The province proffers several business advantages to the firms, like for instance, as its geographical location, conveyance infrastructure, bilingual manpower, obtainable manpower skill set, lower cost atmosphere, communication & energy setup, higher education system, and access to training.

Several of the world’s most successful firms/business groups have found out the nation’s best kept investment secret: New Brunswick. Each and everything in the province is there to make a growth simple and profitable.

What Makes New Brunswick So Appealing For Global Businessmen and Investors?

  1. To begin with, at 12%, the province has the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire Atlantic Canada even as it is highly competitive with every other province.
  2. The province is strategically situated on the nation’s East Coast proffering hassle-free access to the lucrative international markets, via land, rail, sea, and first-rate telecom. It has first-rate communications infrastructure linking the province to the entire globe.
  3. Add to that the lowest business costs found in the Maple Leaf Country and US together with a trustworthy, bilingual and award winning workers and expansion to the province is one’s natural preference. The province is already the favorite place for numerous firms/business groups such as IBM, Xerox, and Pattison Group, etc.
  4. According to the KPMG Competitive Alternatives 2014, it is the lowest business cost region in the Maple Leaf Country and the US.
  5. The province boasts of higher education resources, via universities and colleges ready to adapt to one’s requirements.
  6. The government runs regional funding programmes that offer financial support to those who need it, to kindle economic development in certain specific areas of the province.
  7. It has multimodal transportation infrastructure linking one to the whole world, through rail, sea, land and air.
  8. The Government offers tailor made enticements tailored to get one started and help him expand in the province.
  9. Qualifying missions in the province may get conditionally forgivable loans tailor-made to different needs/requirements.
  10. The province boasts of highly reasonable land and property with costs as much as 29% lower, vis-à-vis those found in other nations of G7.
  11. The government nurtures and follows economic growth policies with a focus on developing the province’s major fields.
  12. The province offers unmatched quality of life to those who decide to make it their home.
  13. Its workforce is highly educated. More than 60% of the employees have either some level of post-high school education or training. And 33% or one-third of the labor force is bilingual in French & English.

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