Interested in Canada? Know about Skilled Immigration Selection Process!

Innovation, adeptness, prowess and smartness are always something that set you apart from the lot, so the moment you have that, then your market value increases. Even a country as developed as Canada has penchant for such professionals who can help in streamlining their growth and development.

Many Canadian provinces are facing severe bottlenecks in their growth as there are not enough skilled work forces to help them initiate the growth projects. In this backdrop, this year new realms have to be opened and trained manpower from the world is participating to help the Maple Leaf Country write its growth story.

To ensure that such thing happens, this year, Ottawa has launched Express Entry Programme–an unprecedented initiative to help meet with the demand for skilled labor. Canada skilled immigration selection process is extremely appreciable, and it provides leverage to aspirants to move and earn their livelihood by staying in the immigration hotspot.

The skilled immigration selection process is pretty simple in Canada; you just need to show the desired experience, educational qualification, language proficiency and adaptability to move to this county under the Express Entry Programme. The selection is free from all biases and the short-listing of the candidates is done wholly based on their skills, and this provides more leverage to qualified professionals to move to the nation.

The skilled immigration is facilitated through three programmes:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Programme (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

If you are availing the FSWP, then you need to have 1,560 hours of working experience, and it should be paid work. There is no provision for internship. The federal workers must have relevant degree and experience in the same job to which they are applying. Language is also a must thing, so proficiency in English and French is sought for streamlining the movement.

The FSTP is also another investor category visa that allows aspirants to move to the overseas destination and live under the Express Entry immigration system. Under this programme, you need to have an offer of employment from any employer that is based in Canada and willing to hire you, on a permanent basis. At the same time, there is also requirement for experience of two years, to streamline the movement under the skilled immigration visa category.

The third programme that helps in making innumerable dreams come alive is the CEC. It is similar to that of skilled workers class. But, it seeks more experience in the nature of work, and hence it has been segregated from the erstwhile FSWP. If you are applying under the CEC, you need to match with the skills that are sought in the National Occupation List (NOC).

This list includes those jobs where demand is at its maximum. However, the supply is not in equilibrium with the demand to pave the process. Hence, you need to show a full time work experience for facilitating the movement. Canada skilled immigration selection process is tough but it is never impossible. So, with all your efforts, you can definitely move to this beautiful country.

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