Get an Australian 457 Visa from India, Do Well In Your Life!

Are you inclined to live and work in Australia—the Land of Milk and Honey on a temporary basis? Do you think your skill will be much respected and international exposure will enhance your capabilities even as you taken better pay-packets?

In case your answer is ‘yes’, and if you are determined to work in the much loved immigration hotspot on a temporary basis, then, perhaps, you will be rather happy to know that the Australian 457 Visa is especially developed for skilled overseas immigration-inspired workers like you. Yes, it is true! You can get what you want using this highly helpful visa offered by the leading immigration hotspot.

As it is known, India is a country with a population of over a billion, and there are more people to work here than the number of available opportunities. Whatever our politicians may claim from rooftops, the fact remains that often limited work-opportunities compel many job-hunting individuals to look for suitable opportunities overseas destinations with Australia being one such destination. And, frankly speaking, there is nothing wrong in hunting jobs abroad, if one has the necessary talent and the fire in his belly.

Those who are interested in working in Australia can get an Australian 457 visa from their native country India.

Following is a brief on the visa!

How does the visa work!

The 457 visa, formally known as the Temporary Business (Long Stay) – Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457), was first introduced way back in 1996. It has a limitation with a validity period of four years. Eligible applicants may bring along their family members to Oz.

The 457 visa holders are free to travel in and out of country any number of times till the time permit is valid. It allows Australian employers to sponsor foreign skilled workers and fill a particular vacant position in the nation. However, the employer must be approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) the apex immigration and visa body of the nation as an approved sponsor.

Visa holder is restricted to work for their primary sponsor and he is not permitted to work or volunteer for any other organization/company. Any change in sponsor is subject to lodging a fresh 457 Visa nomination. Once a fresh nomination is approved, the employer’s obligation will automatically shift towards new employers. During the shifting if the 457 visa stands valid, there is no need whatsoever to submit an application for a new permit.

How can prospective immigrates get an Australian 457 Visa from India

First and foremost, the Australian High Commission/Embassy is located in New Delhi the capital city of India. You can download the form from the official website or simply obtain from the Australian Embassy or from a Australia application center operational from many major cities in India. You have an option of submitting the application through the VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd working in partnership with the Australian Government’s DIBP.

The VFS Global Services Pvt Ltd is not an authorized decision making body and each application will be assessed and a decision taken by the designated visa section from the Australian High Commission/Embassy in New Delhi. To make the complete processing relatively easier and hassle-free, you may consult an Australia Immigration consultant who will efficiently provide you complete assistance—right from start to end. It is not compulsory though.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible an applicant must accept a job offer from the Australian employer at a salary not less than clearly indicated in the nomination application. And, thereafter duly submit an application for the 457 Visa and work in a nominated occupation for the sponsored employer. In case an applicant does not have a sponsor, he may lodge an ‘Express of Interest’ via DIBP’s SkillSelect database. It will allow the prospective employers and the territorial or state authority to browse the applicant’s details and offer sponsorship to the potential candidates. Eligible applicants also have to satisfy health and character requirements.

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