Benefits of US L1 Business Visa Immigration—An Overview

The L1 is a non-immigrant visa to US. Perhaps, it is the most reliable and popular choice and a most useful tool for multinational companies operating in the US and abroad to easily transfer qualified foreign professionals such as managers and executives to the US, for a maximum period of three years initially with the possibility of further extension, subject to approval.

The permit also allows employees, associated with multinational companies to come and establish an office, branch or subsidiary of the company in the country. The company can be of US origin or of a foreign national.

The L1 Visa has a unique feature; it does not require the applicant to maintain a residence in his native country while he is transferred to the US office. Since the L1 Visa is a recognized dual intent visa, applicants are eligible to apply for American Residency without affecting their L1 Visa.

There are many benefits of US L1 Business Visa Immigration. Any company operating from or in US can easily sponsor an L1 Visa. The condition is that the applicant qualifies either for L1A or L1B Visa category, and the sponsoring business continues to operate its business till the time the candidate’s L1 status is valid.

However, there is neither any limitation whatsoever on the different kind of business that may sponsor an L1 visa, nor it is mandatory that the primary sponsoring group has to be of the US origin. Still, it is a major requirement that there should be some equity or ownership percentage or qualifying relationship between the Transferor Company and Transferee Company in the States.

Benefits of US L1 Business Visa Immigration

  • Restriction free travel within or outside the US.
  • Applicant in managerial or excutive position may live and work in the nation for up to seven years in total and applicant in specialized knowledge capacity may live and work for total number of five years.
  • Primary aspirant may sponsor his family members, including children below 21 years of age to come and live with him in the immigration hotspot.
  • Family members of the L1 Visa holder are granted L2 status allowing them to join the American authorized workforce.
  • The category is quota free. Any number of visas may be issued to eligible applicants.
  • The aspirant does not require to meet the certain education qualification as the general education qualification is not relevant for the category
  • Applicant may apply for the much desired Permanent Resident (PR) Visa without jeopardizing his current L1 status.

The L1 visa status comes with certain restrictions

  • Applicants are expected to work only for the company which has sponsored their L1 Visa.
  • Applicant’s first visa approval is for three years for regular petition and one year for new office petition which can be further extended only if he has successfully met certain conditions during the first phase.
  • Applicant’s duration of stay cannot be extended beyond seven years in L-1 capacity.

Even though the L1 Visa was especially developed to allow large multinational companies to transfer their professionals to the US operating office, it provides an opportunity to small and start-up firms to easily expand their business in the nation.

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