Canada’s Express Entry Immigration Selection System—A Passing Look

If you are having penchant for Canada, no other news that has been so far broken would have made you happy then the one that is about to break in this piece. This year, Canada has made an unprecedented change in its immigration system; it will revoke the old biased, first-come-first-serve system with a wholly new one, named as Express Entry.

This new system would make sure that immigration to Canada is facilitated in less time taking and hassle free way. Given this, if you are highly optimistic towards moving to the immigration hotspot, your optimism has been answered in the best way possible.

Under the Express Entry system, in the first place, all that is needed is Expression of Interest (EoI) to facilitate the movement. You must do that in the first place and get yourself registered in the Canadian Job Bank. Once you are in the pool of candidates, you get prominence and draws are conducted to facilitate the movement.

Canada’s express entry immigration selection system is highly transparent and its expediency makes it one of the most sought after immigration system to facilitate the movement. The moment your profile is listed in the Canada Job Bank, you are deemed eligible to step forward for the draw.

These draws are conducted to help pick the best people from the lot who can move and help the economy to thrive, and at the same time, provide opportunities to these immigrants who are looking to make it big by moving to Canada.

Hence, once you apply under the Express Entry programme, you need to satisfy certain criteria, for streamlining the movement. Now, you may ask what these criteria are, well, the express entry profile evaluates your language proficiency, educational qualification, adaptability, work experience.

It is because of these special evaluation that Canada’s Express Entry immigration selection system is rendered as the most promising form of movement to streamline immigration. Once the candidate is able to satisfy all the credentials that the Express Entry seeks, his name is picked by the employers and he is able to move. You can move to the nation under the Express Entry programme under three categories:

Federal Skilled Worker Programme (FSWP)

Under this scheme, skilled workers can move to the nation and look forward to work and livelihood. There is also a provision to apply for permanent residence (PR) in Canada, and it will take only 60 days for getting the approval and streamlining the entire procedure.

Federal skilled Trades Programme (FSTP)

There is also provision for skilled businessman to move to the nation and help the economy carve its way to development and growth. You need to make an investment of C$4, 00,000 and your net worth should be C$8, 00,000. You must also have experience of operating the business in the best way.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Under this, immigration is granted for a specific level of immigration, and you need to show flamboyance, expertise and sheer level of competency.

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