Canada Skilled Worker Visa–Some Widely Used Visa Options

Canada Skilled Worker Visa

Canada, the Land of Rising Opportunities, is planning to hasten its immigration process to lure skilled workers from every corner of the world. The country is facing a serious problem of low and ageing population and thus the scarcity of skilled workers across many Canadian sectors is a very common.

For the skilled workers, the Maple Leaf Country is a wonderful destination. If you have the right education, skills and experience and are fluent in either English or French, then Canada is the right place for you. You should apply for the Canada Skilled Workers Visa.

It gives an easy opportunity to the foreign skilled workers who are eager to start afresh in the ‘Land of Milk and Honey’. Through this visa these people can do well in their professional life. Under the Skilled Worker Category, applicants are assessed on the basis of their human capital, and their ability to contribute towards the country’s economy, instead of becoming a burden on it.

Express Entry

At present, Express Entry is the major gateway for the overseas skilled workers for Canada immigration. The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) claims the minimum processing time is six months, and till now roughly 80% applications have been processed within the set time frame.

A large number of applicants create their profile online in the hope of getting an Invitation to Apply (ITA). However, not every skilled worker is lucky enough to receive ITA. Trained manpower with low score often has to wait longer. At times, the profile of the aspirants expires in the Express Entry Pool and they have to create a new profile.

Canada Skilled Worker Visa–Some Other Visa Options

Some of the other options are as follow:

Quebec Skilled Worker Programme (QSWP): Quebec province is the only province that picks up qualified employees on its own, without consulting the IRCC. At different intervals, throughout the year, the province announces the intake number that varies depending on the needs of its labor market. Trained personnel are selected by the Ministère de l’immigration et des communautés culturelles (MICC)–the province’s immigration authority. Eligible applicants are issued a Quebec Certificat de Sélection (CSQ). With the CSQ, skilled workers may apply to the Federal Government for further processing. The Federal Government’s role is mainly to evaluate the skilled workers’ health and background.

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Programme (SINP): It is the Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP) that runs in coordination with the Federal Government. The province accepts applications from the applicants who intend to live and work in Saskatchewan permanently. The province accepts applications under the following streams: Saskatchewan Experience Category, Saskatchewan Express Entry, International Skilled Worker Category, and Entrepreneur and Farm Category.

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programme (OINP): The province nominates highly skilled workers who intend to live and work in Ontario permanently under the following streams: Ontario Express Entry, Business Category, General Category, and International Student Category.

Besides, some other key immigration programmes for skilled workers are British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programme (BCPNP), Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programme (AINP), and Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), etc.

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