Canada Stops Nepal Adoptions!

Authorities from Canada have suspended child adoptions from Nepal after the cases of illegal immigrations and undocumented workers were increasing at a high pace! In addition, stats have also confirmed the rapid increase of child trafficking and other such fraud related cases concerned with Nepalese immigrants. The news has been confirmed by the immigration ministry.

A report by the Hague Conference on Private International Law clearly depicted that the number of child trafficking, illegal immigrants, fraud cases, and fake documents are growing on at a gradual pace. In addition, people don’t leave any chances to get fake immigration to Canada.

They make false statements about their age group as well as the reality about other members of their family. Other false promises are spoken with regard to the marital status as well qualifications also.

In addition, child trafficking as become an issue of major concern in various countries, with Nepal being one of them. Think about those parents who suffer the bad consequences of their child being trafficked, in addition to cases like fraudulent documents which lead to such frauds.

Other organizations including UNICEF has raised concerns over this matter too as the same has been confirmed by Immigration Minister Jason Kenney. He went on to say that various Canadian parents adopt children from Nepal, hence leading to an increased number of child trafficking cases everywhere.

Hence, keeping in mind the interest of children, Canada has stopped further adoptions from Nepal.

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