Immigration Amends Checks All Issues!

The concern over the population of Australia is not going to be an issue of worry if looked at the current trends. At the same time, the number of arrivals in the nation has also gone down by 25% in the last few months. The number of permanent settlers in Australia has been the lowest in the last three years.

According to the figures projected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the measures taken by the present government along with the economic downturn have led to the current decrease in the rate of immigration.

In the last 10 months, the total number of long term immigrants has come down to 223,860 from 300,180. When it came to the permanent settlers, the number stood at 45,840 which was a drop from 66,510 which is the lowest in the last six years. A total of 119,590 settlers walked into the nation where 73,750 locals flew out of the nation. Those leaving the nation specified that they are walking out permanently.

With the new government policies in place and with the high rate of unemployment in the previous year, the cap on immigration was called in which led to an intake of 14% only. This led to the numbers fall to 115,000 from 133,500.

Additionally, with the concern over an increase in the population, a cut was also made in the number of foreign students applying to the low level study courses. For them, the back doors have been shut by Chris Evans, the Australian Immigration Minister.

At the same time, the bureau has also stated that the numbers for the students applying for the short term courses and those coming on contractual work is still rising. Around 605,000 people have walked into the country in this financial year. Their duration for stay pertains from 3 to 12 months.

Also, the number of tourists has also reduced. However, the number of Australians going abroad has gone up by 27%. This clearly shows the impact of the new policies which seem to have worked for the government more than what it has expected for.

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