New Zealand Denies Richard O’Brien the Residency Status!

Richard O’Brien, the famous Kiwi personality has been denied the citizenship of New Zealand. The ace personality is famous for creating the famous “The Rocky Horror Show” and now he is addressing to Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman for further assistance.

He came to the land of Kiwis at the age of ten from Britain in the year 1952. It was in the year 1964 when he went to London. After spending so much time in New Zealand and doing so much for the people, he surely deserves citizenship!

The legendary personality, and a famous actor and writer is so celebrated that an icon has been raised in his honor, but the recent denial of his citizenship has raised eyebrows from everyone. He at present stays in London but eagerly desires to retire at Katikati, a place where he has a property of 2 1/2-acres. After giving so much in the field of art, this legendary figure has been denied citizenship to New Zealand.

Further, his immigration guide Dion Smart, has stated that he is not able to fulfill the mandatory requirements decked with getting a PR status in New Zealand. Reports say that Robin Smith and Gillian Page, his real siblings reside in Tauranga in New Zealand. In order to get sponsorship from either of his siblings, it was mandatory for this famous personality to be aged under 55 and should have a secured job offer, and both are the qualifications that are not fulfilled by him.

He stated that these people have built my iconic statue and applaud me as New Zealander but when it comes to giving the citizenship, I am regarded too old!

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