Checking the Growth of Infiltration!

Recent survey has revealed that about 11 million immigrants are now in the U.S. unlawfully. These consist of Mexicans which cater to 56% and another 22% from other Latin American countries. These immigrants settle and start working in major states such as California, Texas, and Arizona as illegal immigrants. This has become an issue of high debate in the United States, affecting the economy of the nation.

The already settled Americans from middle class status are the most effected, as it is importing poverty and taking jobs away from them. An illegal immigrant coming from an underdeveloped and a poor country will be willing to work at a lower salary which attracts the companies to hire them as ‘cheap labor’. This effects the middle class Americans who either have to accept the job with small pay packages (which an immigrant will be receiving) or not accept it.

Not just the economy is affected but illegal immigration is not very healthy for the safety of the nation as well. Many criminal cases have come into light in which illegal aliens are involved. Rising terrorism in America has given rise to a suspicious environment under which illegal immigrants are the targets of suspect.

All these factors have contributed towards stricter immigration laws by the United States for the betterment of its people. Minnesota has recently introduced a new immigration law to minimize the illegal infiltration into the country. The bill gives freedom to the officers to enquire about any person whom they suspect.

But this is a cause of worry for those Americans who look like Latin Americans and live in Duluth. This law puts them into the zone of suspects because of their Latino appearance which is like punishing them for a crime which they have not even committed. They can be questioned and enquired anytime on their American identity, even while going to some church or college. They always have to live in this fear that anytime they could be asked to produce their documents proving their American citizenship.

Since the population of illegal immigrants in America is up to 11 million which comprises of the cheap workers serving the American employers, it will be difficult to remove them. This will greatly affect the daily life of the American families where most of the servants come from poor or developing countries. Considering all these problems, it is important to come up with some method which would benefit everyone.

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