Canadian Law to Weed Out Unscrupulous Immigration Consultants!

Now, that’s a good thing Canadian government is considering, for it will not harm and shatter the dreams of many people who intend to immigrate to Canada. As per new reports, Canada is all set to introduce a new legislation which would deter ghost or unscrupulous immigration consultants/agents from providing illegitimate advices to prospective immigrants. It would ensure that unlicensed immigration agents, including India-based ones will be facing tougher penalties for running false agencies.

The new legislation is likely to be introduced in the Canadian parliament this week, which will impose harder punishments for offering unlicensed immigration related services and advices. Along, Canada has also asked other countries, including India to oversee the immigration agencies that are offering services in various territories.

The step comes across as Canada has more unlicensed immigration consultants than those that are registered with the body that regulates immigration consultancies, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. According to Canadian immigration minister, the new Law would weed out immoral consultants who try to mislead prospective immigrants to Canada. Until now, lakhs of people have been misled by fraud consultants, in Canada, as well as outside the country. The law that is to be introduced soon, considers this as a serious offense, and as a result, unauthorized consultants may entitled to very harsh penalties.

There have been many cases where prospective immigrants ended up being victims of such immoral consultancies, which demand huge sum of money, but do not provide services in return. As for example, there are many consultancies in India, especially in Punjab that team up with their fraud partners in Canada and cheat on their clients by charging very large amounts of money.

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