Canada Student Exchange Program!

With globalization getting at its peak, it has become extremely important for the students to get used to different cultures of the world and Canadian Student Exchange Program is one the facets which helps in fulfilling this motto with an ease.

Spending Academic year in another country means gaining an experience of the lifestyle and culture of Canada, which indeed serves a boon for prospective immigrant families intending to move to Canada. The best part about this program is that students go on to gain outstanding global experience without even making many holes in their wallets.

Canada is applauded as one of the best study destinations for students who come from all over the globe. In addition, the state-of-the art educational facilities play a critical role, adding another feather in Canada’s cap for its title as a wonderful study destination. Hence, what is better than a Student Exchange Program and gain the experience of Canadian way of teaching?

Students stay with the host family and amidst all these procedure learns the different facets of that country. Normally, host families are analyzed by the organization/government agencies/private firms coordinating the program.

In order to qualify under the Student Exchange Program, the minimum age group for the child should lie somewhere between 15 years to 18 years (while there are exceptions too). It is mandatory to fulfill the requirements geared with the program. For instance, it is critical to have a minimum of 2.75 GPA for academic year and a 2.50 GPA as far as the summer programs are concerned. Proficiency in written and oral English language may also be required by some of the organizations. There are various programs which promote Student Exchange programs. Some of these are Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship program, Student Mobility Programme, MITACS, Understanding Canada Program and Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program, to name a few.

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