Australia elected its first Foreign-born Female Prime Minister!

Australia had its most memorable day this week as Julia Gillard became the first female Prime Minister in Australian’s history. Julia Gillard was formerly holding the position of Deputy Prime Minister of Australia and like Billy Hughes (who hold the position of Prime Minister from 1915 to 1923), Julia is also born in foreign land. The former Prime Minster Kevin Rudd resigned from the office of Prime Minister before fighting for the election as he was certainly to lose the battle.

Julia Gillard belongs to a province called Wales from the UK who immigrated to Australia in 1966 with her parents under “Ten Pound Pom” policy. This policy by Australian immigration was introduced to support the British skilled workers to move to Australia and contribute in their growth. In her childhood, she suffered from chronic pneumonia and she was advised to move to a country of warmer climate, so Julia along with her parents moved to Australia for her health. By becoming the first female foreign born Prime Minister, she has truly inspired many girls to follow her steps.

Gillard’s supporters worked really hard in promoting her since her entrance into parliament in1988. Many have criticized her status as a single and childless lady in her personal life. But, despite having so many hurdles she didn’t give up and kept on fighting.

Rudd was amongst the most popular Prime Ministers of Australia who was famous with a title given to him as ’Mr. 60 percent’ because of strong support of public with him. But the introduction of many controversial policies and decisions made him quite unpopular with Australian people. But Kevin is still keeping hope and in a statement to press he said that he would fight for re-election of a Labour Government. Now everyone is waiting to see what all changes will occur in Australian immigration policies with the change in leadership position.

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