UK Border Agency Arrested Man Involved in Sham Marriage!

Here is another instance of sham marriages in the United Kingdom, where the man involved was being arrested by the UK Border Agency officials. The accused was a Nigerian, who is now behind the bar. The fake marriage was taking place in Northampton.

The 39-year old Nigerian man, Samuel Alonge was going to marry a lady, Ruthina Apostel, who is from the Netherlands, in April. The lady was also put into custody, but later freed on bail. The man had entered the UK over a decade ago, but stayed in the nation even after his visa expired. Reportedly, he possesses a fake Nigerian passport, a false UK visa and counterfeit gas bill for a Northampton residence, as well as a false tenancy agreement and used the credentials to marry the Dutch lady. The man has been jailed for fourteen months for these serious immigration offences.

His marriage to the Dutch lady seemed to be a way to obtain legal permission to stay in the United Kingdom. Alonge would have been granted the right to stay in the nation, after the sham marriage to a bride who belongs to a member country of the European Union, which is Netherlands, unless he had committed the offences of possessing counterfeit credentials and providing them for the marriage.

After serving fourteen months of jail sentence, the Nigerian man will be removed from the United Kingdom. Of late, the instances of sham marriages have been growing in number in the UK. Till now, under the UK Border Agency operations, many people have been arrested for this offence. With the latest case, the assistant director of the agency cleared that sham marriages should not be considered as one of the major options to get the permission to stay in the United Kingdom. If the officials find a marriage illegitimate, or discover that people are trying to abuse the nation’s immigration system, the people in question are bound to face the challenges!

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