Canada to invest $87 million to reform the Immigration system

Canada to invest $87 million to reform the Immigration system

Targeting immigration to be the primary factor for post-COVID recovery in Canada, the country plans to spend a total of $87 million towards modernizing the existing Canada immigration system. Out of this amount, $72.1 million would be invested in digitizing the application process making it more efficient and useful for future applicants. Another $15 million would be invested over the next two years in upgrading the Foreign Credential Recognition Program and assisting new immigrants in meeting their job requirements.

As per the Fall Economic Statement put forward by the Finance Minister of Canada, the plan is to make immigration the economic booster to recover the loss incurred due to the pandemic. The investments are in line with the increased immigration targets in the upcoming years. Canada is looking forward to inviting more than a million immigrants in this time frame. Every year, the number of immigrants invite would be 1% of the total population of Canada.

While making the announcement, the Finance Minister reiterated the importance of immigrants in Canada to drive its economic growth. She said that the immigrants are responsible for half of the real GDP growth from 2016 till 2019. They are also maintaining the population balance and development of the nation as a whole. Canada PR requirements are also designed in such a way that would stimulate the growth of Canada.

Since the immigration targets are significantly increased, the mechanism to handle the application also needs an upgrade. The Global Case Management System shall be modernized and transformed into a digital platform rather than the time-consuming paper-based system existing at present. With this, the Canada Immigration System will be more operational, enhanced, integral, and efficient in inviting talented migrants to Canada from all over the globe.

Canada is witnessing demand in certain occupations such as Information and Technology and Health, where there is a gap between the skilled labor and the requirement. Through the investment to upgrade the Foreign Credential Recognition Program, the new immigrants will get the desired employment through direct employment support. It will address specific issues that newcomers face at times, such as the length and cost of credential recognition. Through this $15 million investment, Canada seeks to improvise the support to match the skilled labor with their respective jobs in different sectors.

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