Canada Immigration Launches Online Portal for PR Confirmation

Canada Immigration Launches Online Portal for PR Confirmation

In keeping with COVID-19 travel restrictions and social distancing measures, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) – the federal Canada immigration authority – has set up a secure portal for confirming permanent residence (PR) status without having to conduct in-person interviews. Each applicant and each accompanying family member (if any) will be assigned a profile in the portal, in order to:

  • Declare arrival in Canada
  • Confirm mailing address in Canada
  • Submit a recent photograph to be used for the PR Card
  • Access proof of permanent resident status
  • Safely share personal information with the authorities

This portal cannot be used to track the application status. However, once the application is approved, IRCC will send an invitation to confirm the e-mail address of the primary applicant and each person included in the application, and confirm that they wish to use the online PR confirmation portal. Subsequently, IRCC will create an account for each applicant and send another e-mail containing a link to the portal as well as sign-in instructions (username and password).

At this final stage of the Canada PR application process, the candidate must follow some simple steps:

  1. Sign in to the portal and set a new password
  2. Confirm presence in Canada
  3. Provide a postal or residential address in Canada
  4. Upload a digital/scanned photograph in JPEG or PNG format

Once IRCC reviews and accepts the photograph, it will reflect in the portal, and the candidate can expect to receive their PR card within the next one week – at the postal address provided. If the photo is rejected due to excessive darkness, poor visibility, glare, or other reasons; the candidate can submit another photo in the portal – which meets the requirements.

There are provisions for those with accessibility issues or special needs. In case there are any hurdles in the PR Card process, IRCC will directly contact the candidate. It is important to note that the portal cannot be used to renew the PR Card. The portal can only be accessed by the applicant themselves. For more information on the Canada immigration process and latest procedural protocols, seek the guidance of India’s most reliable immigration consultants – at Abhinav.

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