Canada Visitor Visa from India – Process & Requirements!

Numerous people wish to move to Canada for one or the other person. Several such aspirants want a Canada Visitor Visa from India. If you are one of them this blog is for you!

With a view to get a Canada Visitor Visa from India which is basically a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) and/or to enter or move through the nation, every citizen from other nations has to complete the necessary online visa application procedure, and obtain a sanction for their application submitted for the TRV.

If we talk about the visa process for the Visitor Visa for Canada from India, or for that matter, any other visa that falls under the category such as Multiple Entry Visa and Single Entry Visa the applicant has to fill in the particular form, provide the required documents, and shell-out the visa charges, to successfully complete the application procedure.

Canada Visitor Visa from India Eligibility Factors

  1. Passport or any additional legally valid travel certificate/paper.
  2. Evidence of adequate funds to take care of the travel and stay in the overseas hotspot.
  3. Letter of invitation and/or medical exam documentation.
  4. Fully completed VFS Consent Form.
  5. Certificates/papers based on the specific visa kind.

Canada Visitor Visa from India

Canada Visitor Visa from India – Application Procedure

Coming back to the crucial application process, you have the option of picking-up either the online or offline (on paper) process offered through the VFS Global an outsourcing and technology services expert for the different administrations and diplomatic missions globally.

After a petition is presented, the same will be subjected to the review procedure and a decision will be taken if the same may be endorsed or renewed. You could be required to present your results for medical test, police certificate, or face an interview.

The petition presented usually gets processed inside just some weeks. You need to present your passport which will be given back to you together with the visa decision. It is necessary that your passport has a blank page, so that it has some space for the object of visa stamping.

Canada Visitor Visa from India Fees

The visa charges vary on the basis of the source nation of the candidate, and period of stay and the kind of visa applied for. For a Single Entry or Multiple Entry Visa to the country it’s the charges are $100 per candidate.

Extending Temporary Resident Visa

It is possible to extend the validity period of your TRV. For this, you require keeping a check on your temporary resident standing. You may apply for an extension prior to your visa loses its legal validity. Execute the application procedure not less than 30 days prior to your visa loses its authorized validity.

Can One Work with a TRV?

Well, majority of the travelers to the hotspot normally do not have the right to either do a job or enroll for a study course in the Maple Leaf Country if they do not have a permit. In case you are making a trip to the place, and you wish to either work or pursue studies, some good options are available to you. But for this, you must still have lawful standing in the hotspot. For a new Work Permit, you may submit an application from your native nation or from a different nation where you could be legally admitted.

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