Check Canada Visitor Visa Online Application Process Step-by-Step!

Want to make a trip to Canada, for a short term for business or pleasure? You will have to apply for and get well, you guessed it right a Visitor Visa. Also known as Tourist Visa and/or Visit Visa, Canada Visitor Visa is a wonderful option to explore the nation, for a maximum period of six months. As far as the application process goes, well, you have both the paper and the online options. Here, we will cover the Canada Visitor Visa Online Application process.

But before we do that a few words about Canada!

It’s a wonderful destination for travel and exploring some of the finest beauties in the world. Dotted with mesmerizing tourist attractions and defined by pristine and virginal beauty, the Maple Leaf Country is certainly a place worth exploring and deriving a lot of unbridled joy from.

Coming back to Visitor Visa Online Application Process for Canada, it is available to those with Indian passports.

Canada Visitor Visa Online Application Process Step-by-Step

The Canada Visitor Visa Online Application process is highly convenient and smooth and a few steps are involved in it. By following the process step by step you will get your visa easily.

Step Number 1: Check the government-run site on Canada immigration and login to the site Visit Canada, fill in your details.

Step Number 2: Scan and upload every necessary document.

Fill the Canada Visitor Visa Online Application form, digitally sign and upload the same.

Upload the evidence of means of financial resources (previous 4 months bank statements or pay slips and Letter from recruiter/firm) Maintain a balance of 80–100 Canadian Dollars for every single day of your stay and indicate the dates of your stay.

Reproduction of your passport (every page that has stamps/visas, in addition to the first and last page)

Latest family information form IMM5645

Letter of invitation from the host/or hotel reservation, a travel plan for the period of stay (get ready one if you haven’t mulled over the same). Description letter of your visit (elucidating your object of Canada trip, the address of your stay, who is footing the trip, and also the leave approval from recruiter/firm).

Digital photo complete with white background.

Thoroughly follow the document checklist! Do not skip any instruction!

Step Number 3: Give visa fees online- 100 Canadian Dollars

For those with a US Visa, the IRCC will sanction the visa in just 3 – 4 days, but for the candidates from other nations, it normally takes nearly 30 days.

You will get to know about the status of your application on the government run website. It will also be mailed to the e-mail address shared by you.

Step Number 4: You would have to send the passport for the object of stamping inside 30 days of obtaining the intimation, via the VFS centre in your specific city. Biometrics is applicable to just some particular cases; it depends on your Canada Visitor Visa Online Application specifics.

Follow the process and get a Visitor Visa to the overseas hotspot of your dreams easily and without any roadblocks.

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