Canada Welcomes Overseas Entertainers

Canada enables a large number of entertainers from across the globe to arrive and perform on its territories. For the same, the aspirants require obtaining a legal Work Visa or work consent. Frankly, it wholly depends on the kind of work or performance in the Maple Leaf Country that decides in case such entertainers require gaining a Work Visa or work authority.

Obtaining Work Authority in Canada

The concerned agency takes a decision if any overseas entertainer may perform in the country, minus gaining a Work Visa. There is no requirement whatsoever for the entertainers from abroad—duly classified as business guests by the said agency–to be armed with a Work Visa for giving performance in the country. Impermanent foreign employees need Work Visa for duly performing on the nation’s territories.

Business Travelers in Entertainment

These are foreign entertainers categorized as business guests:

  1. Performing artistes, their supporting personnel and additional members crucial to performance, like actors in overseas visiting theatrical groups; band musicians giving performance in numerous tour dates in the Maple Leaf Country; musicians, buskers arriving for performance objects in festivals; guest artistes, guest conductors giving performance with national groups/productions for some performances; • DJs (disc jockeys) turning-up for performing at fiestas, private occasions and/or fairs in the country.
  2. Adjudicators at music & dance carnivals;
  3. Producers for television or films.

Performing Artists from Abroad Not Qualified as Business Guests

Performers from abroad should not do these in case they really wish to be regarded as business trawlers in the country:

• Enter into any employment association with a national group proffering agreement for their services;
• Give performance in eateries and/or bars;
• Professionally get associated with film making, internet broadcast, TV and/or radio.

LMOs for Overseas Entertainers Not Classified as Business Travelers

There is a requirement of Labor Market Opinion (LMO) by company or group hiring foreign entertainers for performing in the Maple Leaf Country. Against this backdrop, all such performers from out-of-the-country require filing a petition for Work Visa, for gaining admission into the nation.

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