Structural Engineer

Engineers are one of those professions which are in demand all over the world. Engineering is of the most technical jobs. It is counted among one of the most challenging and interesting job. If you an engineer then you will glad to know that Australia requires qualified engineer who can contribute to the Australia.

Structural engineer analyze plans, design, and research structural system and structural component to achieve designed goal and ensure comfort and safety of occupants and users. Their work usually takes account technical, safety, environmental, and economic concern.

Structural engineer analyses the statical properties of almost all types of structure, test the durability and behavior of material used in the construction. They also design and supervise the construction of all types of structures. This occupation requires higher degree or bachelor degree. Sometimes applicant required to have work experience or job training along with the formal qualification (stated above).

This occupation consist various tasks such as-

  • Determining material and quality standards, construction method interpreting and drafting specification, drawing construction method, plans, and procedures.
  • Directing and organizing sites labor and delivery of construction plant and material and equipment
  • Establishing the detailed programs for the coordination of activities of sites
  • Obtaining rock and soils samples at deferent depth across the sites and also testing samples to determining the compressibility, strength and other factors that affect the behavior of rocks and soils.
  • Studying engineering and structural drawings and specification to estimate total cost and preparing detailed cost plans
  • Analyzing structural system both dynamic and static
  • Monitoring changes to design, assessing effects on cost, negotiating and valuing variations to the design
  • Designing structure to ensure that they do not bend, collapse, twist or vibrate in undesirable way
  • Assessing future and present travel follow pattern taking into account population increase and need change

People in large number are migrating to Australia under this occupation. Australia requires skilled people who can support the economy and can easily adapt the Australian environment. Now you must be thinking how to apply for this occupation under Australian immigration.

Applying for immigration process of Australia is not a tough process. There are various visa categories through which you can migrate to Australia. If you are applying for this occupation you then let me tell you that you are also eligible for skilled migration program.

Skillselect, temporary business (subclass 457), regional sponsored migration scheme, employer nomination scheme are some of the programs through which you can apply under skilled migration program.

Before migrating under skilled migration make sure that your skills are assessed from a relevant assessing authority. Engineer Australia is the skill assessment authority for this occupation. For skill assessment you are required to forward all of your documents regarding language skill, age, work experience, and qualification, health, and charterer.

You may also need to show that you can support yourself in Australia financially this is important to show as without this you will not be able to complete whole process successfully. So if you have qualification and are willing to migrate then you should not waste more time and must apply now for this occupation.

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