Chemical Engineer

Engineering is among on those occupations which are in demand all over the world. If you are an engineer than you will be glad to know that there is a good scope for engineer in Australia these days. Yes, you read all right. Australia requires skilled and qualified engineer who not only support the Australian economy but can also contribute to the growth of it.

Whether you are a chemical engineer, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer or any other field of engineering you can easily find a good job for yourself in Australia. Let’s discuss about chemical engineer today Chemical engineer is a professional works principally in chemical industry to transform basic raw materials into various products and also deals with the operation and design of equipment and plants to perform such works. This profession prepares and design specifications for chemical process system and operation and construction of commercial scale chemical plants,and also supervises fabrication of products undergoing physical and industrial processing and chemical change.

This occupation requires specific level skills higher qualification or bachelor degree. Sometimes it is demanded to have job training or work experience along with the formal qualification. If you have some years of experience then you should forward the relevant documents regarding work experience as this can help in immigration process.

There are various tasks performed under this occupation which are as follows-

  • Maintenance of equipment so as to achieve maximum efficiency under safe operation condition, and monitoring operations.
  • Ensuring correct equipment and material are used and that they confirm to specification
  • Studying pollution control problems, and product utilization
  • Reviewing plans regarding new products, and submitting material selection recommendation with accordance with design specification, weight and cost.
  • Diagnosing chemical plants to find out malfunctioning and instituting remedial action.
  • Implementing and planning laboratory operations to develop fabrication procedures and new materials to fulfill performance standards and production cost
  • Conferring with procedures of materials, such as ceramics, metals, cement, polymers, and elastomers, during evaluation and investigation of material suitable for specific production product application.
  • Implementing laboratory tests to reject or establish possible causes and also advising on ways to overcome problems and reviewing product failure data

These are some of the tasks performed under this occupation. These tasks make this profession more important and challenging. Applicants under this occupation are eligible for the skilled migration and can migrate through the following programs-

  • Skillselect
  • Temprorary business (subclass 457)
  • Regional sponsored migration scheme
  • Employer nomination scheme

Before migrating under this profession make sure that your skills are assessed from a relevant assessing authority. Skill assessment authority is important when it comes to skilled migration. Engineers Australia is the assessment authority for this occupation.

You can also claim extra points for your work experience, and qualification. For this you may need to forward all the documents regarding qualification and experience to the assessment authority and on the basis of the documents the assessment authority will provide advice to the department. You may need to require to registered yourself or obtain license from a relevant local authority.

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