Canada Welcomes Students & Their Families with Open Arms

Nearly 100,000 global students from all across the world arrive on the Canadian shores every year to gain a first-rate post-secondary education. The nation’s liberal immigration policy enables the partner & minor kids of these students to go with them to the country, to do a job & pursue studies.

Better Half or Common-Law Partner

The other half or common-law partner of a global student can file a petition for an Open Work Permit even as the student ought to be studying permanently at:

  1. A public post-secondary organization; or
  2. A private post-secondary establishment which runs under the same laws & regulations as a public organization, and obtains 50% of its entire operations budget from administration grants; or
  3. Private foundations duly approved by provincial decree to bestow degrees.

An Open Work Visa enables the holder to do a job for any recruiter/firm in the Maple Leaf Country, even as it doesn’t necessitate a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) or an offer of employment. Though the Work Visa typically has the same time-frame of legality as the Study Visa, the Open Work Permit can keep-out some professions in which the safety of public health is vital, unless the candidate has to go through an immigration medical test.

Thus, not only may the mates or spouses of global students benefit from the precious employment experience in the country, but they may also back their families, money-wise.

Underage Kids

Any individual who is not a major is regarded a minor kid. The age of majority differs from one province to another. For instance, while in Alberta & Manitoba, etc., the age for majority is 18, in Nova Scotia & the British Columbia (BC), etc., the same is 19.

Underage kids who are already in the nation with not less than one parent–who has the permission to do a job or pursue studies in the country–do not need a Study Visa to pursue studies at the levels of either of these–secondary, primary, or pre-school. Still, once the kid touches the age for majority in their specific provinces, they ought to file a petition for a Study Visa to carry-on their studies in the country.

Submission Procedure

A global student can usher-in his dependents to the Maple Leaf Country by any of these paths.

One likely path is for the student and dependent members of the family to present their permit petitions concurrently. An additional alternative is for the student to cool his heels until he has obtained a Study Visa and afterwards present submissions for his dependents escorting him.

At the time of the submission of a Study Permit petition, it’s essential that data/facts are furnished for every family member who goes with the student to the nation. With a view to get the submission duly endorsed, the student & his family have to prove that they have enough funds to support their stay in the country. Apart from this, the aspirants could have to go through a medical test & present Police Clearance Certificates.

On the basis of the aspirants’ nation of citizenship, a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) could be needed, apart from any work or study visas. A mater or common-law partner–who intends to do a job in the Maple Leaf Country–has the choice to submit a petition for his Open Work Permit prior to gaining admission into the nation, upon advent, or post entering the nation.

Frequently, underage kids entering the nation can gain a visitor record, even in case the kid pursues studies in the country. This is due to the fact that minor kids in the country can pursue studies at the pre-school, primary or secondary stages, minus the requirement to obtain a Study Visa.

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